My First Posty Post

I’ve been putting off really kick starting my blog for quite a while. I’ve felt like this first post had to be something monumental or important, but I’ve just decided to bite the bullet and publish this first post so I can move on to bigger and better things. 🙂 I’ve been actively working at adopting the “done is better than perfect” and “fail forward fast” mentality- so here goes!
Inspired By…
I’ve been following for a while now and felt inspired by the fact that that she started her blog as a stress release in college and for quite some time her mom was the only person who read her blog (hint hint, mom). Eventually she gained a following and blogging grew into her full time job.
My friend, Lexi, and her husband, Clint, are full time bloggers ( who started small with a food blog. Every one starts somewhere!
Countless other bloggers have provided inspiration and I look forward to featuring some of them here! Most importantly, my darling husband has been blogging for a long long time and has been my number one fan and biggest supporter:
I imagine this blog will be very similar to my darling husband’s blog in that it will be my place to muse and share the things that tweak my fancy. Here we go!

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