My friend Cassidy alerted me to the fact that there is a second inbox on facebook called “Other.” I’m assuming this is for what facebook identifies as spam. To my surprise, I found out my “other” mailbox had messages from as far back as 2005- weird. There were some reminders about sorority recruitment (brought back some good memories), messages from friends reminding me of their holiday parties (Christmas=love), and messages from groups I joined (hello, Smallville!). The most interesting message was one from a man named Jimbo. Back in March of this year Jimbo wrote me to ask if Andrew had been working in Indiana early this year. (He hadn’t). He informed me that the Indiana Andrew he knew had seduced his wife with tales of fortune and fame, traveling the world on a yacht and eating nothing but the finest cuisine. Sooo, after a few messages he somehow figured out that he had id’d the wrong Andrew Ferguson. I feel like a got an accidental peek behind the curtain of life at a really messy, grueling incident. Ugh. I feel bad for the guy and kind of want to write him back and hear more, but that would probably not have any positive outcomes. This ranks pretty high on my list of weird.
So go check your “other” facebook inbox if you haven’t already.

xo and goodnight